Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

In 1997 Pokemon was storming the United States and quickly becoming the most popular franchise among young kids my age. Pokemon cards depicted cartoon monsters and were often traded among children.

My very first Pokemon card was given to me by a friend at church. An Exeggcute card, a common grass type but a huge deal to me. I was so excited to have my first Pokemon but I wasn’t thrilled with the way Exeggcute looked. I mean its kinda ugly, no hate to my grass trainers out there its just not my thing.

I also wanted to collect more Pokemon, and see my friends cards. So I quickly traded my Exeggcute to another friend for two cards; a Rattata and my Favorite Pokemon, a Charmander! I think Ash had just saved Charmander from being abandoned by his trainer in the show and I instantly fell in love with the character. Even as Charmander grew up into a full grown disobedient Charzard he was always my favorite.

Overtime I would grow my small collection to thousands of cards. At first I started by making small 2:1 trades and convincing friends to off load their doubles. Sometimes I would give up cards to obtain rares, holographic, or Japanese cards. It wasn’t often that family would purchase Pokemon cards for me but I do remember my Father getting me a Team Rocket deck once for my birthday. I was so excited to open a real booster pack for the first time.

I was only 7 to 9 years old but I learned a lot about negotiations, trading, and commodities. What was worth something to one person was often worth something else to another person. Before I even understood what was happening I was able to take advantage and without any money grow my collection.